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6 tips for Security in the Office or Warehouse

Keeping your assets safe and secure is a full-time job. In such a competitive economic environment it’s important to protect yourself from theft or corporate espionage.

Regularly checking the security measures of wherever you store your vital documents and assets is vital to the ongoing performance of your business.

We here at Fortrex have compiled a list of security recommendations that you can apply to your own business:

1. Regularly Test your Systems

Don’t take your existing security for granted. The key to minimising risk is constant vigilance. Ideally you should review your security systems once a year and identify areas of improvement. This includes checking all equipment, as well as reviewing employee safety procedures.

2. Electronic Employee ID’s

Consider using electronic locks and identification that allows your workers access to the building and sensitive areas. These double as a way of quickly identifying individuals on your premises that are visitors or potential intruders. This is especially useful in larger companies with many employees.

3. Server Room Management

Your servers are the electronic brain of your organisation. Between storing your sensitive information and facilitating all the digital needs of your business, it’s vitally important to keep them secure and safe. Beyond simply locking your servers in a private room, ensure that they have enough ventilation and maintenance as needed. A server produces lots of heat, and if the cooling system isn’t properly maintained, it could cause serious damage to your assets.

4. Light, Cameras, Application

CCTV is an easily overlooked aspect of security. Obviously, you should have cameras. But have you ensured that there is sufficient lighting along your perimeter for your CCTV system to do its job? Or are you using infrared technology? Have you compounded the camera with door or window alarms that will alert you the second there is a breach of security?

5. Clear your Printers Memory

Electronic printers will often keep a copy of any printed documents in their internal hard-drives. While this is usually not a concern, if a printer is hacked or stolen, copies of many documents could be exposed, posing a risk to your security and data protection. Clear your printer’s on-board memory regularly, and be sure to shred any extra copies of printed documents to not be caught off guard.

6. Contact Fortrex for Warehouse and Data Security

Fortrex offers a vast array of security solutions for the modern business. Our state-of-the-art warehouse can store of physical records, and our servers are equipped to hold any amount of data. We even offer shredding and digitisation services for any physical records. If your business is in the market for an off-site secure storage facility, call Fortrex today on +356 9950 6899, or e-mail us at, or click here to fill in our contact form. Stay Safe!


Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Do you remember an ‘Oh No!’ moment?

When halfway through writing that important document your computer froze –  your heart stopped, the program crashed, and all your work was deleted by an unforeseen disaster.

It’s moments like these that make us value the importance of saving properly and having secure back-ups. But what do you do when it isn’t just a computer mishap – but a fire? What are your back-up options when your entire office is affected?

Sometimes things just go wrong. Buildings burn down, servers get wiped, businesses get flooded. This isn’t pessimism, it’s reality, so why not be prepared? Having a disaster recovery plan will save you potential bankruptcy if the worst comes to worst.

Be Prepared

Risk assessment

Is your location known for bad storms? Is there construction nearby that could damage your building? Try to identify any existing disaster risks and how likely they are to impact your office. On top of that, identify the highest value assets you have, and how much of a loss it would be if they were destroyed. Understanding your threats and assets will allow you to better prioritise and prepare for the worst.

Create backup copies of your vital information and records

It’s the best practice to keep a back-up of all your most important documents in a location outside of your office. Services like Fortrex can provide you with secure off-site locations to hold physical and digital copies of all your information. These back-ups become vital when you’re looking to resume business after a disaster.

Save regularly

It’s a behaviour we’ve been hammering into modern school-children, but it’s an important habit for anyone to have. Whenever you’re working on anything important, be sure to save every couple of minutes. Computer errors can occur at any time.

Digitise your physical records

Physical records are the most time-consuming to back-up as well as the most vulnerable in case of an emergency. However, their loss can still be a big hit to your business. Make sure you have scans of important documents kept in a secure location.

Contact Us for more Help

If you’re concerned about losing your critical documents to disaster, consider contacting us for help.  We specialise in storing all forms of documentation, and our climate-controlled warehouse is safe against fire, water damage and theft. We even offer transportation and scanning services, to maximise efficiency and save you time and space.

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Welcome to Fortrex

Protect your assets

Keeping your sensitive information safe can be a daunting task, and in today’s world it’s more important than ever to protect your records. Fortrex specialises in securing your vital documents while allowing you easy access to them from wherever you are.

Storage Solutions by Fortrex

Fortrex is a data storage and record-keeping service provider that helps you protect and keep track of your important information.

Fortrex offers two ways to do this.

  • Physical warehousing of hard-copies & artefacts: Our vaults have the capacity to store any physical records or objects that you need protected. We also provide secure lockboxes for important materials and objects.
  • Digital storage: Fortrex provides dedicated servers to store important information off-site. Our servers are accessible via a secure online portal so you’ll always be able to access your data no matter where you are.

Our underground storage facility is climate controlled and secure against fire, theft, and water damage. You’ll never have to worry about the loss of any of your records.

Organised, Archived and Always at the Ready.

When you store your information with Fortrex all of your files are precisely organised and shelved, ready to be retrieved at a moment’s notice. Your digital information is just a few clicks away through our online system and your physical records can also be accessed remotely.

We offer OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning services for any physical documents, which creates an easily readable (and searchable) soft-copy of your records. Fortrex also provides a delivery service if you need your physical copies or artefacts returned to your premises.

Aviation and So Much More

Fortrex began as a way for airline operators to store their historical & maintenance documents. In the aviation industry your historical & maintenance records are everything, and a loss of those records can be devastating and costly. Even resulting in not being able to sell or operate your aircraft.

Over time we have grown into a premier storage facility that is ready and able to support anyone in need of our services. Our sister company, 3PLEX AERO , are specialists in aircraft asset management.

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Keep your office tidy and do away with the clutter and inconvenience of old paper storage. If you need somewhere to keep your information safe in Malta, contact us today by clicking here, or call us on +356 99036202.